Gold Hearts

Gold Hearts

Gold Hearts

Gold Heart Pin Campaign

For those with Hearts of Gold

The Gold Heart Pin campaign is one of Variety’s most recognized and successful global fundraising initiatives. The campaign was created in 1991 in Great Britain by Variety International Board Member, Marsha Rae Ratcliff, who thought to create gold pins in the shape of hearts to raise funds to assist children in need.

Beginning in 2002, Variety launched a partnership with the motion picture industry to design and market the Gold Heart pins around Hollywood movie properties. Each year, Variety partners with a major motion picture studio to design a new Gold Heart pin around a movie or a movie character from that studio. Gold Heart pins with tie-ins to universally recognized characters Yogi Bear, Mickey Mouse, E.T., Shrek and Spider-Man have helped raise awareness to Variety’s work and have generated millions of dollars for children in need.

More than 2,000 theaters around the United States sell the pins; this partnership between Variety and the motion picture industry has raised over $100 million dollars worldwide! Sold at movie theaters, retail partners and the global network of Variety Tents, the Gold Heart pins are collected and worn by millions of people around the word as symbols of their support for Variety and the children who are helped by Variety funded programs and facilities.

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Several generous organizations offer an employee match program. Double your gift to Variety of Illinois, ask your employer if they match contributions! Here is a list of known companies that do.




Build-A-Bike with

Variety of Illinois!

“Variety of Illinois gifted Gabi her adaptive bicycle that she has used in many triathlons but today was the first time she was invited to go on a bike ride with her friends! Thank you Variety for making this moment possible!” – Gabi’s Mom & Dad

All kids like to be play and stay active & kids with disabilities are no different, they just need some extra help to make it happen! Participating in physical activity helps improve sleep and immunity, improves self-esteem, and decreases stress. Those with disabilities also show increased independence and socialization when they have the opportunity to participate in activities.

When a family has a child with a disability, purchasing an adaptive bicycle is not like heading down to the department store, paying less than $100 for a kid’s bike and going for a ride that afternoon. The additional parts and pieces that keep a child safe are fully customized, must be ordered (sometimes months) in advance and can cost anywhere from $1200-$4000.


Help Variety Build-A-Bike by selecting one of the adaptive pieces needed to outfit a custom bike below, or scroll down for more information on creating a team and building an adaptive bike of your own!


Rally Friends, Family & Co-workers to


Help us celebrate the child who receives a bike thanks to YOU at their presentation!

Contact Angelique at

and watch you team’s bike come to life right here on this page.

thank you vickihandelbar team

Build-A-Bike Donation

Find Out How to Volunteer.

Variety of Illinois is a 100% volunteer organization, and we’re always on the lookout for more recruits!

If you’re looking to make an impact locally, we’d love to bring you into the fold at one of our many “Build Days”, fundraising events, inclusive activities, or equipment presentations!